Video: May foodscape tour We give a tour of our frontyard foodscape in early May. Featured items include tomatoes planted early with the aid of red plastic mulch, perennial vegetables (asparagus & artichoke), strawberries, peas on a DIY trellis, a grape vine and eight fruit trees including three espalier fruit trees.

Video: Installing drip irrigation How to install drip irrigation by either connecting to a hose or converting sprinkler valves and lines to drip irrigation. We show how we install drip in our raised beds and around our fruit trees. We also provide general guidelines for watering vegetable beds, fruit trees, and perennial fruit bushes in Utah. Free... Continue Reading →

Espalier Fruit Trees

Espalier is one of those things that has been around forever (it dates at least to ancient Rome) but has somehow become forgotten over time. It is truly a lost treasure, because it still makes great sense, especially for foodscaping in an urban setting were space is limited. The term espalier is a French word that... Continue Reading →

Little fruit tree, large reward

Know anybody with a giant fruit tree that is so large that it's become a messy nuisance? What if we could keep fruit trees from getting so big? The benefits of a little fruit tree are numerous. A little tree doesn’t require much space, and is easier to care for; pruning, thinning, and harvesting can... Continue Reading →

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