Full-length Course:

Growing Your Own Food A-Z

The best tasting, most nutritious food is the food you grow yourself.

This course is designed to be a complete beginners guide to growing your own food; from planning, soil and seed starting to pest management, pruning and what to do with all of your delicious food!

Ten 90min in-person classes in Ogden (outdoors)

$200 per person for the series. Up to 15 participants.

Participants will have HANDS-ON learning opportunities/access to a learning garden.

Registration requires a $25 deposit made through Venmo or other arrangement.

Ask about scholarship opportunities.

*Two Foodscaping Utah apprentices get this course for free*

Course Schedule for 2023:

Planning Vegetables: Best timings, interplanting & multi-croppingSa 2/11
Seed StartingSa 3/11
Healthy Soil: promoting soil health, no-till bed prep, nutrient cyclingSa 3/25
Transplanting Vegetables and TreesW 4/5
Fruit Trees & Grapes: Grow your own fruitW 4/26
Water-wise Irrigation, Drip and MulchW 5/10
Managing Pests: Integrated Pest Management (IPM), biodiversity and beneficial insectsW 5/31
Summer Pruning Fruit Trees & Espalier Fruit FencesW 6/14
Simple Cooking: foodscape to tableW 8/9
Simple Preserving: healthy food for winterW 8/23

Our Teachers

Our primary instructor will be John Trimble, cofounder of Foodscaping Utah. John will be periodically joined by rockstar foodscapers Holly and Terry.

Foodscaping Utah es una organización sin fines de lucro, más un grupo de voluntarios, dedicados a ayudar a las personas a empezar a cultivar sus propios alimentos.

Foodscaping is how we bring flavor, nutrition and sustainability back to our food.

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