Foodscaping is our opportunity to grow food, make art, and create a better world.

Who We Are

Foodscaping Utah is a nonprofit organization and volunteer group dedicated to helping people get started growing their own food.

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For those near Ogden, Utah, we provide help getting started with a small foodscape installation, hands-on learning during volunteer opportunities, and face-to-face classes.

For those near and far, we teach people all about growing lots of food in a home landscape through our youtube channel and learning blog.

Grow Your Own

More About Us

Our basic mission is to help people gain the knowledge and skills necessary to grow their own food. Our more grandiose mission is to transform communities through foodscapes that change the way we think about food, as well as how we interact with our landscapes on a daily basis. We believe people would love to grow some of their own food if they had some help getting started. Homegrown fruits and vegetables taste amazing, are incredibly nutritious, and bring beauty to our surroundings.

Check out our blog post on the insane experience of giving a TEDx Talk and read all about what foodscaping means to us. Scroll to the bottom to find links to follow our learning blog via email (bottom right) or via wordpress (bottom left). Like us on facebook, on instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel. We hope you find our website enjoyable, educational, and maybe even inspirational. Foodscaping Utah was founded in Ogden, UT by John and Holly Trimble in 2017.

Hello! Thank you for checking out our site! Did you notice it does not have advertisements? Foodscaping Utah is an educational nonprofit organization. In an effort to provide easily accessible educational material, we do not sell advertisements on our website. If you find the information valuable and would like to help us develop more educational content and programs, please visit our Donate/Shop page. Thanks!

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