Water savings in foodscaping

There is no denying that growing your own fruits and vegetables requires water, but you may be surprised to know a well designed foodscape can substantially reduce water use when compared to turf grass. We have foodscaped our entire front yard transforming our landscape into a beautiful food producing oasis that produces the most delicious... Continue Reading →

One Bed Veg! (Plan & Video Series)

It is so incredibly fantastic that sooo many people are excited to grow some of their own food. Home grown vegetables taste amazing and by foodscaping we can make it look good and grow a ton of food in a small space. Our 4’x10’ bed Spring 2020 We thought it would be fun (and hopefully... Continue Reading →

Foodscaping TED Talk, Start your own group, Materials Grant, & RadioActive with Punk Rock Farmer!

Foodscaping is like a silver bullet for today's biggest problems: our own personal health, our community health, and our long term sustainability. Foodscaping is how we can weave healthy food into our surroundings and sustainable health into our daily lives.John C. Trimble, TedXOgden 2020 https://youtu.be/6gaLvVhd7ZY The experience of giving a TEDx talk was like no... Continue Reading →

Foodscaping your way to a healthy 2022

Foodscaping provides front-door access to the most nutritious, best tasting fruits and vegetables possible With the start of the new year and health-related resolutions on the minds of many, we thought it would be timely to consider dieting trends and how foodscaping enables healthy living. Every year U.S. News releases a fresh batch of diet... Continue Reading →

Foodscaping Utah featured on Modern Gardener

We were thrilled to have been featured on Modern Gardener! Modern Gardener is a fantastic online show on KUED, Utah's PBS station. They feature people and organizations that are committed to educating Utahns about gardening and landscaping. We love what Modern Gardener does and were honored to be invited for a feature. They did an... Continue Reading →

…on the Hortoccult podcast

We were on the Hortoccult podcast early May 2019 and had a blast talking about Foodscaping Utah with Hortoccult hosts Blaine and Brad! We discussed everything from what was the inspiration to start Foodscaping Utah and how the volunteer program works, to what are a few of our favorite things to grow. Huge thanks to... Continue Reading →

Legit 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Foodscaping Utah is now officially a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit! A huge thank you to everyone for all of the support. Through our T-shirt campaign last December, we earned enough money to cover the fees associated with the filing paperwork. We submitted the last of the paperwork in January and just received a letter from the... Continue Reading →

Espalier Fruit Trees

Espalier is one of those things that has been around forever (it dates at least to ancient Rome) but has somehow become forgotten over time. It is truly a lost treasure, because it still makes great sense, especially for foodscaping in an urban setting were space is limited. The term espalier is a French word that... Continue Reading →

Summer 2014

In the summer of 2014 we worked on our vegetable garden and tended to our new fruit/nut trees and grape vines. This first year we tilled the garden bed and mixed in a bunch of compost. We mulched with leaves around tomatoes (mulch is great to retain moisture and suppress weeds) and planted marigold flowers... Continue Reading →

My take on foodscaping

Foodscaping is the way we bring not only beauty to our surroundings, but also affordability, flavor and nutrition back to our food.JOHN C. TRIMBLE. TEDXOGDEN 2020 What do we mean by foodscaping? Foodscaping is replacing traditional landscapes with landscape designs that are not only beautiful, but also grow a lot of food in a small... Continue Reading →

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