Start a foodscaping group!

Foodscaping is the way we bring not only beauty to our surroundings, but also affordability, flavor and nutrition back to our food.

John C. Trimble. TEDxOgden 2020


  1. Contact your state extension master gardener program for your county.  See if Master Gardeners can get volunteer hours volunteering with your organization. This will be an instant pool of enthusiastic, reliable and knowledgeable volunteers.
  2. Decide how applicants will get in touch with you
    1. Make an email address
    2. Start a facebook page or group? Other social media
    3. Feeling fancy? Design your own website (we used wordpress)
    4. Word of mouth in your community 
    5. Flyers
  3. Set up consultations and plan foodscaping volunteer days. See documents below.
  4. Tell us about it! Contact Us. And let us know if you have questions!

Foodscaping volunteer day documents:

Example Raised Bed Garden Box Supplies:

10’x4’ bed with 6” bench on both sides (see more on raised beds)
  • Three 2×12 10ft -one cut in half to make two 5ft
  • Two 2×6 10ft for benches
  • One 4×4 8ft cut in six lengths for 16” pieces
  • 1.5 yards soil/compost = 40sqft at 12” depth
  • One box of 3” star flat-head deck screws. 

For more information see the ‘getting started’ tab

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