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UPDATE: we have booked all of our available ‘scape’ days (volunteer-installed foodscapes) for the 2019 season. However, please feel free to contact us for initial foodscaping consultations. Volunteering at a ‘scape’ is a great way to learn! -not only through hands-on foodscaping but also each one has a short class! (volunteer opportunities)

How it works:

You invite your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone you can think of to a garden party, or in other words, a “scape”.  We bring tools and additional volunteers and spend 2-3 hours converting your front yard into a foodscape. You will be paired with a foodscape coordinator who will work with you to plan and prepare for your scape, as well as provide continuing garden support and education and a follow up visit.

Applicants must live in or very near Ogden, Utah and be interested in an edible garden that is visible to the general public. Recipients are also asked to agree to pay it forward in someway, such as: volunteering at another Scape day, donating some of the produce from your foodscape, helping others in your neighborhood start a foodscape, making a monetary contribution to Foodscaping Utah, or in some other way that advances our mission to help people learn how to grow their own food and transform landscapes.

Please fill out the information below and a scape coordinator will contact you with more details about Foodscaping Utah and how we’ll help you grow vegetables, fruit trees, small fruits (strawberries, grapes, etc), herbs and native plants in your own front yard.  We are all about helping people grow their own food in a way that looks great and works for them.

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