Foodscaping Utah on KSL Greenhouse radio show

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This past Saturday John had the exciting opportunity to appear on the KSL Greenhouse Show! A couple weeks ago Taun Beddes of USU Extension and cohost of the Greenhouse Show contacted John about appearing on the show to talk about Foodscaping Utah.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of the KSL Greenhouse Show which aired live on September 1st, 2018:

The full length online bonus conversation can be found here: 

Here is the description provided by the Salt Lake City, Utah based network:

Tim Hughes and Taun Beddes live in the studio spend the first part of the show playing an interview Taun conducted with John Trimble from Foodscaping Utah. They talk about the group’s purpose and how people can start growing their own food.

The entire segment from the live show can be found below at KSL Greenhouse’s podcast. In addition to talking about Foodscaping Utah, they answer gardening questions like: – What’s wrong with my rosebud bushes? – What are some good shade tolerant bushes and trees?

The above bonus conversation was pulled from the following KSL Greenhouse Show’s podcast:

Note: In the live portion of the show, Taun mentions that John is a Math professor at Weber State University, John is actually a professor of Spanish Linguistics 🙂.

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