Video: Grafting fruit trees

We show how to graft apple and pear trees using a grafting tool. When grafting apple or pear, this type of grafting tool makes it really easy, because it makes the cut for you when you squeeze it like a hole puncher. Here, we demonstrate grafting a fruiting variety of pear (harrow delight) onto a flowering pear. Scion wood was taken from our harrow delight tree in late February, then the video shows grafting in April including how to make the cut and wrap it. Next, in the video we see the successful graft union in August already showing about two feet of new growth since the spring. Finally, we take a look at our Belgian fence of apple trees that features nine trees that we grafted two and a half years earlier.

For more on our Belgian fence espalier apple trees:

USU Extension’s video on collecting scion wood:

USU Extension’s video on grafting to rootstock:

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