Video: Belgian Fence Espalier Apple Trees

Video showing how to build the support structure for espalier fruit trees, how to prune dormant apple trees to set them up for espalier training, and how to train them to a lattice shape, Belgian fence design. June 2018.

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Video update:

Photo updates:

September 2018
February 2019, after winter pruning
June 2019, after pruning and training

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  1. Excellent learning tool! Two techniques I haven’t seen before. The fence already looks great. I can’t wait to see it with apples!!

  2. Do you plan to remove the bamboo and posts at some point and let the apple trees support themselves?

    1. We don’t remove the posts, no. The apple trees would support themselves as they mature though, but it is nice to have the option of training new branches to the bamboo in case a branch needs to be removed for some reason. We do remove the clips on the older wood as branches get thicker to make sure that the clips aren’t girdling the branches. Hope this helps!

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