How to prune fruit trees in the summer to keep them small and healthy: Video & Recorded Class

UPDATE: in 2020, two years after our original video, we recorded the following class Live on YouTube. In this longer videoed class, you can see in depth summer fruit tree pruning on trees of varying sizes with lots tips to keep the trees healthy and producing the best fruit:

In the video below we demonstrate step by step summer pruning of first year trees to develop scaffold branches and set them up to be strong, healthy, small trees that produce a ton of fruit. We then show summer pruning of a two-year-old plum and a four-year-old nectarine illustrating techniques to keep them small and ensure good light exposure for excellent fruit production. We also explain how summer pruning keeps trees small by removing vigor from the tree before energy is stored in its roots. Lots of pruning tips and details are included along the way.

The featured first year fruit trees are two pluots that we planted two feet apart as the centerpiece of our frontyard foodscape. The two varieties of pluot (flavor supreme and dapple dandy) are an early and a late ripening variety, which will greatly extend our harvest for the best use of the small space.

What’s a modified central leader shape? Check out this 20 second video below:

Read more about growing small fruit trees at

Amazon link to Ann Ralph’s book: “Grow a Little Fruit Tree

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