Video: How to trellis grapes: build a trellis, prune a vine

We show how to build a simple trellis, prune young vines, and train them to the trellis. We then take a look at what pruning looks like on more established vines.

To add these trellised grapes to our foodscape, we planted one vine bareroot in March of 2018 and two potted vines in June of 2018. In this video, we show building a trellis in 2019 using 4×4 redwood posts and galvanized steel wire. The video features pruning demonstrations on all three 2018 planted vines showing how to set them up for training to a trellis both when trained or untrained during their first growing season. The look at what pruning looks like on more established vines features a spur-pruned variety which is trained to an arbor.

Learn more about our first arbor, paver patio, and grapes:…

USU Extension grape pruning video showing selecting canes for cane pruning:

OSU Extension on Growing Table Grapes. It includes diagrams on spur and cane pruning as well as variety recommendations with specifics on whether particular varieties should be spur or cane pruned. https://catalog.extension.oregonstate…

For another source with all types of variety recommendations including pruning types, see:…

USU Extension Grape Trellising and Training Basics:…

USU Recommended Varieties for Utah:…

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