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We were on the Hortoccult podcast early May 2019 and had a blast talking about Foodscaping Utah with Hortoccult hosts Blaine and Brad! We discussed everything from what was the inspiration to start Foodscaping Utah and how the volunteer program works, to what are a few of our favorite things to grow. Huge thanks to Blaine and Brad for inviting us on the show! Check out the full episode below to hear the whole conversation without missing anything. Or pick and choose certain topics by scrolling down.

The entire podcast episode

Learn more about the Hortoccult website and listen to other episodes: https://www.hortoccult.com

What was the inspiration?

How to apply, how the program works, pay it forward

Helping younger generations get started, planning the scape

Designing beautiful foodscapes

Volunteering to learn with Master Gardeners, the foodscaping ripple effect

What is your favorite crop to grow?

Raised beds, vertical growing, compost for best soil

Use less water, provide food, change the world one foodscape at a time

There’s work involved, but landscape becomes oasis instead of chore

How to contact, hoping to help more people

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