Video: Foodscaping our frontyard-Phase 2

September 2019
April 2020

We show how we installed phase 2 of our frontyard foodscape by digging out most of our grass lawn, mounding up soil for nut tree mounds and vegetable beds. In the nut mounds, we planted an all-in-one dwarf almond tree and two hazelnuts (filbert). When foodscaping our frontyard for phase one on the other side of our driveway, we used cardboard and built redwood raised beds. For phase 2 we are experimenting with using thick layers of compost and wood chip mulch without cardboard. For annual vegetables, we have planted eggplant, basil, peppers, and ground cherry. We also sowed bush bean seed and are planning to add a cucumber.

The video features a glimpse of our phase one foodscape. To see more of phase one, check out this video showing install:
And this video for a video tour in July:

This video also features a glimpse of our Belgian fence espalier apple trees. See this video to see how we created it:

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