Video: 3 ways to espalier fruit trees

In this video we show three different ways to grow espalier fruit trees starting with a nectarine trained to an informal fan, then an apple as a three-tier horizontal espalier and finally a Belgian fence of nine apple trees in a twenty foot span trained to a lattice design. The video moves from the least technical informal fan style where you mostly just prune off everything growing away from the structure to the most formal Belgian fence design.

Espalier is one of those things that has been around forever (it dates at least to ancient Rome) but has somehow become forgotten over time. It is truly a lost treasure, because it still makes great sense, especially for foodscaping in an urban setting were space is limited.

Also watch our video featuring our Belgian fence espalier apple trees to see how we built the structure, pruned the young apple trees, and started training in the lattice design: 

Read more about espalier and how to get started at

The American Horticultural Society’s book “Pruning & Training” is a great resource for all things training and pruning including espalier.

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