Video: July foodscape tour 2019

In this video we give a tour of our frontyard foodscape in July of 2019. On one side of our front foodscape we have redwood raised beds, pea gravel paths, fruit trees in wood chip mulch, as well as lots of perennial flowers. On the other side (phase 2), we have frameless raised beds with vegetables and three nut trees: an almond and two hazelnuts. Featured throughout the video are examples of closely spaced vegetables and flowers to make the most of the space. We discuss how we always like to try growing new things and this year is our first growing ground cherries, peanuts and sweet potatoes. Other featured plants include tomatoes growing up a trellis and over an arbor, trellised squash, burgundy colored bush beans, eggplant, amaranth, popcorn, and lots of flowers that attract beneficial insects (bees, predatory wasps, ladybugs) while adding beauty to the foodscape (borage, marigold, amaranth, chamomile).

The video also shows our row of espalier fruit trees and Belgian fence apples. Finally, we take a quick look at our grape arbor.
Learn more about espalier:
3 ways to espalier:
Belgian fence:
How to trellis grapes:
Build an arbor:

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