Tour & Tips May 2020

In this video we give a tour of our frontyard foodscape in May of 2020. The video includes lots of tips for growing vegetables as well as fruit trees without using a lot of space, and discusses dealing with pests in May.

Featured throughout the video are examples of closely spaced vegetables and flowers to make the most of the space. We always like to try growing new things and this year is our first growing fava beans, celery and leaks. Other featured plants include beats, spinach, peppers that we are trialing in and out of wall-o-water type cloches and lots of brassicas: broccoli, cabbage, collards and kohlrabi, etc. We talk about how we scout and remove leaf miner eggs on spinach and Swiss chard to minimize damage to the leaves.

The video also shows our row of espalier fruit trees and Belgian fence apples.
Learn more about espalier: Espalier Fruit Trees
Video: 3 ways to espalier fruit trees
Video: Belgian Fence Espalier Apple Trees

Preventing pests and attracting beneficial insects

Video: Multicropping: grow more food, use less space

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