Foodscaping Communities

  • What is foodscaping?
  • What are the benefits of foodscaping?
  • What inspired Foodscaping Utah?

This video answers those questions, features footage of beautiful foodscapes, and highlights some of the amazing work our volunteers have done foodscaping our community.

Foodscaping Utah is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of volunteers that help people get started growing food.

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, in our first two years, our volunteers have foodscaped 12 front yards, replaced 5000sqft of grass, saving 75,000 gallons of water per year.

Let’s help each other get started growing food!

To see more of our frontyard foodscape see our photo gallery and our video tours

To learn more about our thoughts on foodscaping read: My take on foodscaping

Click here to listen to us talk more about what inspired us to start Foodscaping Utah, how the pay-it-forward program works, some of our favorite crops to grow and why we think foodscapes are the best use of our landscapes (less water use, health benefits, adds beauty and enjoyment to landscape, etc).

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