Foodscape Tours August & June 2020

In this video we take an early August tour of our frontyard foodscape. Our approach to foodscape design puts the food bearing crops front and center. They are the features. Featured in this video are beautiful squash and pumpkin covered cattle panel arbors, espalier fruit trees and an amazing grape arbor that is loaded with grapes. Amaranth is an ancient grain and another great edible ornamental. For vegetables, we show small carrots for fall cropping, beans, squash, pumpkin, cucumber, tomato, pepper , lettuce, spinach, and bush beans. Lot’s of flowers are also mixed in: zinnias, marigolds, and borage.
In this video we show how we take a mid June tour of both our front yard and backyard foodscapes. Featured in the video are lots of example of how to multicrop and interplant to maximize the use of the space you have. We talk about peas, lettuce, spinach, beets, broccoli and onions as early crops and how to grow them in open space before tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumber, pumpkin and pole and bush beans.

More on planning your vegetable garden.

How we foodscaped phase 2

To see how we build our Belgian fence espalier apples

For more on multi cropping

To see how we built a low tunnel trellis combo to start tomatoes and cucumbers early

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